Hans-Peter Ulli: From Monologue to Dialogue

96 Pages | Price EUR 16.90 | ISBN 978-3-941136-54-0 •| 1st Edition 2020

In order to effectively align today’s complex work processes with the customer and to inspire employees for these tasks, a horizontal approach is required which releases the creative potential of people within organizations. It is vital to carefully sustain complex processes, to conduct clear, transparent, open, and honest dialogue between all levels of the hierarchy and to always consider the biography of the people in an organization as well as the biography of the organization itself.

This book focuses on the dialogue between you as a leader and your team members, superiors and colleagues. Based on tried and tested methods and models, the author describes how leadership discussions can be prepared, conducted and followed up and shows the effect of communicative behavior on practical examples. The models and methods are displayed graphically. The focus on the different ways of conducting talks makes this book an informative read and a practical tool for everyone who is interested in developing their communication skills.