Hans Ruijs and IMO colleagues have worked intense this year on the two master-classes leadership and consultancy. These amazing processes created real innovative steps of participating leaders and consultants. Hans and Adriaan Bekman spend the first week in December on working with the participants in the two masters.

The leaders gave their final presentations and we were all very inspired by them.

One of the leaders is Martin, the HR manager of a big steel company. At the moment he is very much challenged to master a difficult issue in the steel company. During this year they have a rising number of accidents, as he calls it an accident wake up call. Up till now security was part of production, but now it has become part of his HR department.

The amazing observation we made was that with this change and new challenge Martin appeared highly motivated and inspired to tackle this issue in the company in a different way. How to find a new way to really influence the behaviour of the people at work in our dialogues with Martin we found out that this issue shows the existing leadership style and orientation. This style is not really in tune with the issue of safety and security of the people at work.

We visited Martin in the company and he showed us the key production process. All kind of metal scrap out of Europe is brought to the company and this scrap is transformed again to steel bars and those steel bars then become steel wire.

Martin now got the competence in the management team to decide on the safety issue and from now on he can have a real influence on how things go in the factory.

Swiss Steel 3

The example of Martin is very representative for all the cases we meet in the master classes. All leaders are challenged today to deal with difficult, complex issues in which the human factor is crucial. It is the way the leadership is seen and acting that is at stake; the leadership of the top managers, the middle management and the professionals. They have to deal with these complex issues together to find new ways that help to change unwanted practices.

Hans has consulted this steel company now for 20 years. There have been many good steps taken to bring this company forward. It is the only hard steel companies in this size still alive in Switzerland. It might be that there will come a new challenge towards Hans helping the steel company to find new ways for dealing with these difficult issues.

Swiss Steel 2

Martin Allemann and Adriaan Bekman