On the 30th of September 2015 the first horizontal leadership centre activity took place in Zürich, organized and hosted by the Swiss IMO group. Around 45 interested general leaders and HR responsible leaders came into contact with IMO and their horizontal leadership approach. These participants represented a various range of organizations like insurance companies, hospitals, social care institutions, police force, sales organizations, industrial organizations.

The day started by an introduction on horizontal leadership given by Adriaan Bekman. He described the historic development of leadership in our organized world and the need to take a next step in this development; that is to see all of us, CEO’s, managers and professionals as leaders. This enables us to have fruitful leadership dialogues and next steps on the real issues that bother all of us.

One of the highlights was the touching biographical story told by a female student originally born in Russia who makes her study career in Switzerland. As a representative of the new generation Y she shared her fascinating reflective transition process and her expectations towards the leaders of organizations. Our IMO colleague Patrizia Luise guided her in this process. You can read her story also in German language on the Swiss IMO website.

Dunja Al Jabaji introduced a way on how we can experience the organization as a dynamic process.


IMO Day Switzerland Dunja


In 5 groups the participants had the chance to reflect themselves looking at the field of the needs of their clients and the collaboration needed inside the organization to meet these clients needs.

In the afternoon the invited guests experienced the IMO approach in two of the three different workshops on a change process in the client organizations guided by IMO colleagues.

  • Horizontal Leadership in turbulent times, hosted by Hans Ruijs
  • Reorganizing under a high workload, hosted by Hans-Peter Ulli
  • Turnaround process in a huge service organization, hosted by Jutta Hodapp

The participants expressed their surprise how in very structured and vertically working organizations a relevant change was created in a horizontally designed and leaded process.

We ended the afternoon with a short reflection by participants on the effect of the day on their own person. As one person mentioned: „we see a great need for the horizontal approach to deal with the complexities of today”. All participants shared the question: „What is the good balance between the vertical well known set up and working of organizations and the horizontal leadership and horizontal organizing that support the good development of the organization and its community of people?”

IMO will organize each year some meetings in the Centre for Horizontal Leadership, in which representatives of organizations that work with horizontal leadership share their experiences and support each other in this.

Once a year there will be an open meeting for all that are interested in this development of horizontal leadership and horizontal organizing.

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