Centers for Horizontal Leadership

IMO took the initiative to create Centers for Horizontal Leadership to co-develop with our client organizations horizontal leadership.
Organizations choose to participate in Centre activities because the leaders want to research and develop horizontal leadership for their organization.

The Centers have the aim:

  • to support people and organizations that work with horizontal leadership in creating community development,
  • to shape a learning and developing community in which enterprises, educational institutes and consultants co-operate in a new form,
  • to respond to a societal task by giving impulses that shape space for the sense making process in organizations.

The key activity of the Center is the Knowledge Group, in which participants research and develop horizontal leadership in their organizations.
The knowledge group meets three to four times a year. One of these meetings is an open space conference in which the results are shared with interested guests. The knowledge group works with the IMO methodology that we call “the methodology of the evidential”. In this methodology we concentrate on creating good processes, added value through dialogue and sense making through connecting the personal biography with the organization biography.

All this is connected to:

  • the impulse of the organization,
  • the client process of the organization,
  • the organization as a living community.

In times where we are fully involved in the demanding operational activities of the organizations we work and participate in, it is of the greatest importance to create reflective time to sharpen the questions we have and take the right initiatives to deal with these questions ourselves. Through creative leadership in the context of inspired communities of people we open up for future challenges and enable ourselves to master them.

“An organization is therefor to connect to networks and constellations of people that take personal initiatives that contribute to burning questions of others.”

Adriaan Bekman