Last November I was invited to contribute to the IMO Brazil Masterclass and a gathering of IMO Consultants. The theme was “finance” and the question for the masterclass students was: How do we read financial information and how do we include this in our decisionmaking? For the consultants the question was: how can we as IMO Consultants include the financial situation of our client more consciously?
Together we put together balance sheet, profit and loss and cash flow and discussed the interdepencies between them. We agreed that cash is king and most important. However, we have the tendency to first look at the profit and loss, instead of checking the money on our accounts and in our cashier. In many cases we should do this on a daily basis. Some of the participants described their experience and how they learned exactly this the hard way during the recent economic crisis in Brazil.
Alexander Brazil1
We also discussed about our very personal relationship with money, and the role of money in our lives. In groupwork many very personal stories were being shared and we became more conscious how money can reflect many of our life experiences. Money tells the story and sometimes money occupies our minds too much and we become limited in our abilities. It needs a lot of trust in life and in our own capacities to always let money follow our initiatives – instead of determining our fate. In this sense the question arose between the relationship of our higher Self, our “I”, and money. This is a question for further research.

Alexander Schwedeler

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