IMO days in Holambra Brazil

Out of 8 countries 35 IMO colleagues travelled to Holambra in Brazil to work together on the IMO methodology, the IMO Impulse, the IMO community. Seven colleagues could not come because of sickness or specific personal reasons. Once a year in April all IMO colleagues come together and work on the IMO Impulse and methodology development.

Around the cultural center in which the meetings were held colleagues stayed in the nearby different hotels during the four days we spend together. We worked on the different “windows on organization” as they are published in Adriaan’s book and of which 24 windows are translated in English. Each window was prepared by an IMO couple and in one hour in two parallel groups of each18 colleagues they were introduced to this window. Windows like The four L’s (lean-, learning and living organisation and leadership), The organisation development infrastructure, Team development, Leadership qualities or Work-process improvement. The day started with singing by Hermanus and ended with dance by Bethy. During the breaks colleagues could share experiences, work on common themes, take initiatives, agree on future co-operation in IMO master classes.


On the Friday morning the IMO Holambra Board agreement was shared with the colleagues. The IMO Board that exists out of the 8 team-leaders and the general IMO leader prepared this agreement. We all could connect to the way we create the IMO infrastructure, how we find and work with clients and how each colleague can contribute in many concrete different ways to the wellbeing of the whole of IMO.

We all felt this has been a good step in the further incarnation of the IMO impulse in the IMO community and how this strengthen us all to work with clients on their development questions. Next year we will meet in Germany.

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