Three weeks working together with the IMO colleagues in Brazil.

Jos waited for me at the airport when I arrived and also he brought me back to the plain when I left. As old companions we shared our passions on work and life.

What did we do?

We had an inspiring day, organized by Jos, with the members of the Centre for Horizontal Leadership on the theme “Leadership in times of crisis”. Two companies presented in the afternoon their way of developing new leadership related to concrete questions of succession by the younger generation and a process of organization development full swing.

With Hermanus we worked with Frans, the leader of Terra Viva, on the questions of steering the company to a more profitable position and caring for the transfer of the leadership to the new generations in the coming two years. There was also a meeting with the new Association committee (Frans and Hermanus) and the founders of the Association on its future. This association has more then 50% part of the shares of Terra Viva. They want this 51% share to stay neutralized and protected.

With Marcelo I visited Emporio Saudi in Jan Jose de Rio Preto, an important client and member of the centre for horizontal leadership. We worked with the financial people and their leader Luiz on handling the money streams in the company and developing a steering instrument for money to be handled by the leaders on different levels of the organization and how to support them in this.

Also I went with Marcelo to a client invitation day in Riberopreto, that was organized by Paulo Neves, an anthroposofical doctor and now a coming new IMO colleague and Josefina. We worked with 20 guests on the IMO methodology doing a few exercises. Business people and parents of the local Waldorf School were present and immediately interested to work with IMO colleagues.


With Beth and Marcelo I worked a day in Sao Paulo in the PDAL. It was the start of the second group of this master class that has a series of 7 days during a year on horizontal leadership. Leaders of three companies (21 participants) develop their leadership together, reflecting on issues of their organization and taking good initiatives to do the needed changes. The top leaders of these companies were in the master leadership two years ago and  together they took this unique initiative.

With Marcelo, Hermanus and Josefina we started the 8th master horizontal leadership in Holambra with 17 participants. We did four practical exercises. The client interfaces, steering with money, questioning the question and presenting your leadership vision. It was a creative and intensive two-day process in which also the personal coaching and the intervision groups started.

Then we did the two-day workshop for consultants. With 12 participants we explored some of the “Windows” as they are published in the new book with 33 ‘Windows’ that is written by Hermanus, Jos, Marcelo and Adriaan.


It was an intense and fruitful process. There are new colleagues coming to the IMO Brazil group and shortly they will be with 10 to 12 colleagues. They are experienced leaders that want to commit themselves to the IMO impulse and community.

There is a growing circle of client organizations that use the IMO methodology to develop the leadership and their organization community.

There is a new series of publications in the form of articles and books available.

The Centre for horizontal leadership is flourishing. Company leaders do intervision together and support each other in dealing with the issues in their companies.

As usual I could stay at Hermanus house, which is surrounded by nature and has a friendly and peaceful aura.

The many meetings with Brazilians is full of life and movement.

It might be that next year we will have our international IMO colleague meeting in Holambra Brazil.

More about the IMO Brazil colleagues you find on the IMO International site under ‘Who we are’.

  • Jos at the centre day in Holambra

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