Barbara Donadon

E-mail: [email protected]

Connecting with IMO in has given me the impulse for a new and exciting human and oganizational journey.

I studied Business Economics in Venice and on completing my degree, I started working for a Fashion company in Veneto that was a leader in children’s wear. It was a fantastic experience and I worked there for thenty-three years.
For ten years a a Sales manager, then as a General Manager and finally as the CEO and shareholder.
Passion, energy and determination have always characterized my approach at work permeting me to achieve outstanding results. My never ending curiosity, my desire to learn new things, my desire to personally develop and grow has driven me to explore new experiences.

I developed my relationship with Peoplerise, a company in Padova, that develops and facilitates the transformation of innovative projects that involve people and organization.
There I discovered themes such as organizational development through change, engagement, team building, horizontal leadership. That is, themes which allow people to grow and to reinforce that people are the central key. These areas of analysis allowed me to integrate my own personal and professional experience.

Then I completed my Master in IMO in Rome, a master in Horizontal Leadership, which focuses on human and organizational development.
I have grown as a person and as a consultant, utilizing a deep and concrete approach, focusing on development questions, the hidden guides, the process and the infrastructure.
Whilst completing my Master,I worked concurrently with my family’s Chemical business, however, I quickly understood that my passion lay in the world of organizations and not solely wich one company. It was too early for me to not develop my experience in diverse sectors.

I subsaquenthy decided to join IMO in 2018, as a Horizontal Leadership partner. IMO is present in eight countries in the world and this presence gives my the sense of freedom. This fusion between diverse countries, of continuous evolution and the sharing of ideas between ourselves allows for not only our own personal development but that also of our clients.

I feel the desire to re-commence with a new project, allowing me to combine my entrepreneurial competencies, development competencies, personality and the support of my colleagues, to help both people and organizations to develop.
I am ready to set forth on a new journey and to shake this possibility with others.
I am both emotional and full of positive energy for what the future brings me.

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