Aurelio Riccioli

Aurelio Riccoli

E-mail: [email protected]

The path that brought me to IMO stems from an interest born in 2008 for organizational innovation and its intertwining with educational, economic and social issues. The journey began in Europe with a search for the most representative companies in terms of organizational innovation, collecting the experiences of change directly from those who were living them. From here I came into contact with visionary schools that are preparing the future of work today through pedagogical models focused on the harmonious development of the human being. I participated in the volunteer group that translated Frederic Laloux’s book ‘Reinventing Organizations’ and Otto Scharmer’s book ‘Theory U, the Fundamentals. Principles and Applications’. The journey was then enriched with the deepening of systemic thinking through a training at Schumacher College in the UK and by participating in the activities of the Complexity Institute with which I drafted the GEM – Global Enaction Manifesto.

So joining IMO Italia seemed natural to me after sharing with Erica Rizziato the essential elements of horizontal leadership. Everything sounded very familiar to me, starting from the underlying anthropological vision, to the links with systemic thought, to the exercises, to the pragmatism and the value attributed to experimentation. Above all, I found in IMO a synthesis of many paths taken in the past and the emphasis and value placed on concrete action and the next step.

With IMO colleagues I intend to bring value to common experiences (organizational innovation, new legal forms, complementary currencies) and promote the construction of multi-stakeholder territorial communities (consumers, producers, PA) that address the real needs of consumers in a sustainable way and ensure structural support for the third sector, generating an increasingly widespread eco-systemic awareness lived in practice.

I’m an IT engineer, I live and work in Trieste, I’ve been working for more than twenty years in a large insurance company where today I’m responsible for the IT evolutionary maintenance of the P&C branch of a direct company of the group.

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