In the centre of Milano my book l’Arte di Cambiare was presented to a nice crowd of 50 people in a bookshop/meeting place. That day we had 25 participants in a workshop in the same place about the theme of leadership, sharing new perspectives and experiencing some key abilities of leadership in a few simple exercises. The workshop was a co-operation between our colleagues of Peoplerise and IMO Italy colleagues. Some of the participants in the workshop presented their experiences of the workshop to the guests that were present in the book presentation. Through them the book content became alive.

This book is present in all Ecor Naturasi shops in Italy that present literature to their customers. This company is an IMO and Peoplerise client. Adriaan has and still is a partner for this company in its strategic development and creating the needed leadership skills on the different levels and leadership roles in the company.

I hope the book will find many readers and by that can give a contribution to the development of new insights in leadership for the future.

L’Arte di Cambiare is a translation of ‘Inside the Change’, which is a translation of ‘Bezield Veranderen’. The German Version has the title ‘Begeisterung steckt an’.


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