Angelika Steinle

E-mail: [email protected]

Angelika, member of IMO since 2017

Key themes and work areas: Facilitating processes of change in social organisations, organisational development for leadership and team processes, quality management, 'Personal Mastery' and self-determination.

Special approach: To transfer the qualities of creative work to the prevailing issues in social processes as well as personal development. As P. Senge articulated: Personal Mastery means to take life as a work of art and to have a creative conception of life rather than a reactive.

Career biography:

Angelika studied Art in Nürnberg, followed by a Waldorf pedagogy seminar and an apprenticeship in Art Therapy.

While teaching at a Waldorf School for children with special needs since 1997 in Hamburg, she attended an acting training at Tschechow-Studio Berlin, did a schooling in 'Train the Trainer' in Hamburg, visited a course in ‚Ways to Quality‘ according to U. Hermannstorfer and participated in an online seminar on 'Theory U' offered by O. Scharmer for change management.

In the Waldorf School she was responsible for the process of personnel reorganisation during the alternation of generation and its inherent change of leadership structures. She has also been responsible in personnel administration.

Additionally she conducts seminars both in continuing education for teachers and in acting in an artistic manner.

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