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Adriaan Bekman (1947) is the founding father and director of IMO – instituut voor mens en organisatieontwikkeling. He initiated Centres for Horizontal Leadership in the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Finland, Italy, Russia and Switzerland. He is working as a horizontal leader in family and impulse companies.

Adriaan Bekman is boardmember of Waardenwerk foundation, a initiative of prof. Harry Kunneman.

The past

Adriaan Bekman studied Sociology with specialisation Business Administration at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He worked after his military services 8 years for the International Staff of Shell and went on a mission to the Dutch Gas and Oil Company and Shell Curaçao.

Starting at January 1978 Adriaan Bekman worked 27 years at the NPI institute for Organisation Development. This Institute was founded by Bernard Lievegoed and colleagues.

Adriaan Bekman has written many books and various articles on issues like Leadership, Organisation Development, Consulting, Self management, Community building in Organisations, Taking Initiatives, Experimenting with innovation in organisation. See:

He performs with his daughter Michaela and musicians a theatre show The Language of the Soul in different countries.

Adriaan Bekman: the biography of his IMO impulse

  1. Early years (5.36 minutes)

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