Step into the IMO Academy Online

Membership of the IMO Academy means connecting to the core impuls of IMO, the research on and the development of horizontal leadership. You participate in a growing worldwide network of people as soulmates in this impulse and it means that you contribute to the knowledge creation of horizontal leadership.

If you want to take part in any program or activity in the IMO Academy, that process will follow certain steps.

Regularly you are in contact with one of the IMO consultants for information, support and coaching. The design of this process is very simple but important to follow precisely. When you are able to work with your personal and professional develop questions together with others, this partnership of the Academy will be a very sense making period in your life. It will contribute to the change of your organization and you will change yourself. The IMO Academy network will develop the scientific knowledge for this kind of change.


  1. Fill in the Register Form and explain the reason why you want to participate at the Academy
  2. An IMO consultant will contact you and talk about:
    1. your membership of the community (there is an online social platform inside the IMO Academy)
    2. the payment of your membership and the procedure to start an activity
  3.  You will receive your account information
  4. The process of your research, study program or another activity takes place.
  5. The final result of your activity is:
    1. you will publish your findings on the Academy website
    2. you will receive an IMO Academy certificate.

Go to the Contact & Registration page, your first step!

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