The Steering

The ‘Steering’ course is about understanding and leading the processes you are connected with. For example: the process with the client, the process of a team project, the process of spending time, the process of the in- and outcome stream of money.

You will become familiar with a very helpful method to analyse work processes and the concept of a cyclic development program. How to create an infrastructure for development in a organization in which all people are involved. Steering means: you are in the lead of developing people and organizations.


  • You have to invest 140 hours in this module in a period of maximum 20 weeks.
  • You are going to study some literature – in total about 250 pages.
  • You do research activities in an organizational environment (50 hours).
  • You are in contact with an IMO consultant – four meeting sessions.
  • You will document and publish the results of your learning (30 hours).
    See Guideline for writing a publication


The design of this course consist of the steps below for a learning process:

  1. Intake with your IMO contact partner and coach about your learning question. This question is leading for the design of your course.
  2. Tailor made design of your learning process. You make appointments for the period of this course. Together with your IMO coach this course will become an answer for your needs.
  3. Reading literature regarding the theme of your course. There is a lot to read and you can choose what fits the best for you. Your IMO coach has good tips.
  4. Personal and organizational research. Based on your study of the literature you are going to do some inquiries with people about your theme.
  5. Documentation of the research activities. During the whole learning process you make notes as a preparation for an IMO publication on the Academy website to share your knowledge with others.
  6. Reflective dialogues – feedback. On a regular basis you will have feedback and evaluation sessions with your IMO coach to reflect about the progress of your learning quest.
  7. Publication on the IMO Academy website. Make a document of your findings to feed the community of people who want to develop horizontal leadership.

The price of this program is € 850,- (VAT included). After consultation with your IMO contact partner about this module you will receive an invoice to pay.

Your Next Step

If you want to do start this online learning program at the IMO Academy Online, go to the contact & registration page and fill in the form.

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