Online Learning

Blended Learning

The IMO Academy offers an attractive way of ‘blended learning’. You can use the internet entree for taking part in our leadership development program in your own time. And you are in communication with a personal IMO consultant. You can learn wherever you are and whenever you want.

Study programs consist of:

  • a personal intake by an IMO consultant,
  • a guided learning and development process
  • specific literature and other resources for study,
  • action -research in an organizational environment,
  • writing of a reflective document that will be published on the IMO Academy website.


IMO Basics
A brief introduction to the IMO methodology, its core values and the practical implemations. In this course you will learn to observe the existence of a question in an organization. It is about the sensemaking dimension of the biography, about the quality of a meaningful dialogue and the added value of a good client process. Seven core exercises will help you to experience all the theory in a practical context. And finally you will discover how it works in our organized life.  Register for this study program ….
Organization Development

Organizations and people in organizations have a biography: they develop all the time, go through different phases and have to find adequate responses regarding the questions they face. This course concentrates on te development of people in the organizations. They find ways to work in a flow, create value for the clients in accordance to the vision of the organization.

The thread that links all the topics in this course is the question: What brings real movement to the people in organizations? You will discover the inside and outside dimension of this movement. Register for this study program …

Horizontal Leadership

Leadership is: bringing people of an organization into a lively process to make a next step. This course is about the key qualities for horizontal leadership. In organizations everyone can develop leadership to get their things done. The CEO for the impulse and the strategy, the managers for flow in the cooperations and the people at work for their professional and client-orientated activities.

Leadership has also a special moral dimension in which people are challenged to do the right things for others. The principles behind this horizontal leadership will be explored in this course. Register for this study program …

The Human Soul
This study program is designed for anyone who wants to explore the very important and unique relationship of the human soul, our inner world, and the organized life, our outer world. How to take care for the soul in the leadership challenge, in the diversity of the community and in the demanding client processes? In this program you will study the language of the soul, a path of schooling, where the language of management and the system forces to become a function are dominant.  Register for this study program ….
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