IMO Talks

During meetings, presentations, speeches, interviews and other events that are organized by IMO, certain moments are captured by camera. In these videos the ideas of horizontal leadership and elements of the methodology of the evidential become visible. These videos that are presented on this website are free to use.

The introduction videos are about the e-book Windows on Organizations, published on this website. In this e-book you find the core themes of horizontal leadership. The videos present short introductions of those themes.

Watch the videos to get an idea of what this book represents about the various aspects of the IMO approach. It is called 'Windows' because it is about a reflective way of looking, observing to human beings and organizations, being in development.

Adriaan Bekman tells about the different dimensions of the methodology of the evidential. The methodology of the evidential expresses the integration of biography, dialogue and process for the development of people and organizations.