The basic idea of the IMO Academy Online is: only by getting involved in a situation and reflecting on this experience, you can understand the situation. By getting involved you will intervene in the situation and things will change. You are involved because you will change as well. Change will be a personal and organizational development when you bring your reflection into the action. Does it make sense? 

A growing network of IMO related organizations feel committed to this approach and are willing to develop a culture of action-research in which people can become leaders of meaningful processes. The IMO Academy Online is an open, dialogical highly qualified place for those who want to have an effective and inspirational process for deepening their leadership question.


When you have a personal leadership development question, related to the organizational context you are connected to, the IMO Academy will support you to create a process of action-research for exploring this question. As a result of this research you will be invited to share your discoveries and reflections with us.

Together with an IMO consultant you will design this process for an appropriate period of time. You will get

  • an IMO dialogue partner
  • helpful literature
  • entrance to a network of co-researchers
  • the IMO Academy website as a knowledge platform.


Action-Research is a tailor made process. The process depends very much on your question, on the characteristics of the contextual field and on the people you want to involve in your exploration. Together with your IMO dialogue partner you will design an appropriate process for this.

The steps you will have to take are:

  1. Intake with your IMO dialogue partner
  2. Designing the action-research process
  3. Reading literature related to the subject and action - research
  4. Preparing and performing the action-research
  5. Documentation and reflective Dialogues
  6. Publication on the IMO Academy Online website

Your investment in this action-research project at the IMO Academy depends on the amount of contact hours with your IMO consultant. Before the start of this action-research process you will agree on a fair deal about the payment.

Your next step

If you want to do start an action-research project at the IMO Academy, go to the contact & registration page and fill in the form.