Below you will find an overview of the literature you can read for the different courses

  Course name

Literature (* translations, see below)


Arie de Geus: The Living Company
Peter Senge: The Fifth Discipline

Organization Development

B. C. J. Lievegoed: The developing organization
Peter Senge: Leading Learning Organizations
Womack & Jones: Lean thinking

Working with a Question

Edgar Schein: Humble Inquiry, (on Youtube)
Simon Sinek: Start with Why, (TED Talk)
Guba & Lincoln: Fourth Generation Evaluation
Barefood Guide: The Art of Powerful Questions (14 pages)
Lex Bos: Judgement-Formation in Groups (117 pages)


Mathieu Weggeman: Managing Professionals? Don’t!
Peter F. Drucker: Managing the Non-Profit Organization

Taking Initiatives

Barefoot Guide: Exploring the Real Work of Social Change
Barefoot Guide: The Heart of Organizational Learning
Gifford Pinchot: Intrapreneuring

The Dialogue

The Steering

Simon Sinek: Start with Why, (also TED Talk)
Otto Scharmer: Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies



Adriaan Bekman: The Human Creation

Adriaan Bekman: Windows on Organizations

Adriaan Bekman: Methodology of the Evidential

Adriaan Bekman: Lean, Learning and Living Organizations need new Leadership

Adriaan Bekman: Organizations with Soul
This book contains two parts:

  • The Language of the Soul
  • The Schooling of the Soul
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