In the beginning of April this year the IMO University has changed into IMO Academy Online. Together with all the IMO consultants we celebrated this new name in Holambra, Brazil, where IMO had its yearly meeting with all the colleagues to meet, study and develop.

The word 'university' has become protected by law in Holland. 'Academy' is an open and inviting concept to participate in a learning community, in which people can organize their own education and can do research on meaningful questions. This IMO Academy Online could be the best fit for people who want to know what horizontal leadership is but:

  • find it difficult to actually start with it,
  • are very busy and cannot easily participate at group activities,
  • have problems with traveling because of the distance,
  • want to integrate online learning in other programs.

It is our vision that within a few years the IMO Academy Online is an attractive and approachable learning platform where thousands of people take part of learning and research activities.

Klaas IJkema and Adriaan Bekman


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