On the photo: Henri Lepola, Sanna Ritonen, the director of the organization and Tertta Paananen, the IMO coach of Henri.

In August this year Henri Lepola from Finland was the first student who finalized one of the courses at the IMO Academy Online, Taking Initiatives. He is working as assistant manager in an organization called Siivet Oy, meaning ‘Wings Ltd’, which provide a kind of group and family home for young refugees. He was satisfied about this course and the way he was conducted and accompanied by Tertta Paananen, IMO consultant in Finland, responsible for the Academy process in this country.

I asked Henri by video to tell something about himself and his work, about the course and about the ‘earnings’ for him and his company. He also wrote a publication in Finnish in which he documented the findings of stepping into this IMO Academy learning process. He said: This is just the beginning! Watching the interview takes about 10 minutes.


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