The place to study and research horizontal organizing and leadership
The IMO Academy Online is a unique way to connect people who are interested in their personal or organizational development - worldwide. It is specifically designed for people who lead busy lives and have little extra time, and for those who live too far away to participate in IMO Activities in person. It is also perfect for those who are interested in learning more about the IMO concept of horizontal leadership before choosing to apply it in their organization or personal life.
The IMO Academy Online offers on its website a rich pallet of videos and publications free to see and to read or to download. Should you want to know more about the value of all these for you and your personal leadership developments, go ahead and register on one of the seven courses available. You will be put in direct contact with one of the IMO consultants, who will then become your personal guide and mentor in the process.
The IMO Academy Online is a truly international community, and the working language is generally English. However, adjustments are possible, depending on the specific country in question and the needs of the client. There is also an online closed network available for participants who are interested in sharing their experiences with others, or want to learn as well as practice horizontal leadership in more depth.

Discover more on our IMO Academy website.

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