I spent a week with my Brazilian colleagues (see them here) in Holambra.

On April, 24th Josefina, Hermanus and Marcelo organized a workshop for the participants of Master programs to deepen their horizontal leadership skills. The second module of the Leadership Master Program under the title “Developing leaders towards autonomy“ took place on April 25-26th.

The first workshop was based on the biography method. Together with participants we could see that individual biography research exercises can be also applied in corporate context. And by the end of the week Lafayette and Josefina already implemented some of them in their work with a client.

In the second module of the Leadership Master program we researched such topics as setting the tasks and giving feedback, coaching and self-awareness of leaders. This module was focused on clarifying the interrelation between the vertical and horizontal in individuals and in organized communities.

On Thursday I had a chance to learn from Jos, Alejandra and Hermanus how Brazilian colleagues work with their clients in the PDL program and other activities. We finished the day with a warm informal meeting with IMO Brazil in our favorite Casa Bella restaurant.

On Friday Hermanus took me on a trip to see client companies. We visited Veredas Waldorf School in Campinas and Terra Viva company. Then I had an inspiring talk with Lafayette about his leadership in the hospital, owned by his family. In the evening a local chorus was giving a beautiful performance, dedicated to the birthday of the Kind of Holland.

All in all a very rich week, full of inspirations and insights and fruitful experiences of working together and learning from each other!

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