This summer (2016) I was again invited to the International Postgraduate Medical Training, IPMT, in Kuala Lumpur and in Beijing. In my course about A Healthy Social Life mainly business people attended, but also teachers from Waldorf Schools and individuals. The participants were very much interested in new and horizontal ways of leadership and also in new business concepts, which include civil society. We discussed and explored the idea of a landfund, regionally embedded, supported by the citizens and clients of a farm. We also worked on a organisation model for a Waldorf School, including and engaged with the local village and municipality, in order to strengthen the identity and support for that school.

The concept of gift money, related to loan money and purchase money was new to some of the participants. It became clear that education needs gift money in order to prosper well.

We also discussed more than 20 reasons Why Smart CEO’s Fail.

The format of the weeklong workshops is done very much in the IMO way: giving short introductions, formulating a question, and then letting the participants work on this and their questions. At the end we sit all together and hear a few reflections and comments out of the groupwork. Here I try to support for that it is not a ‘summary’ of what has been discussed, but that it is a actual reflection on a new level, spoken out of the presence of the moment in this plenary session.

The IPMT is a great format for the 200 people, who attended in Kuala Lumpur, and the 130 people who attended in Beijing. It is offered as a series of international annual course weeks which for a licensed doctor can lead to certification as a Doctor of Anthroposophic Medicine after five years. It is nice that business people and Waldorf teachers, as well as individuals with interest in the matter can also attend. The great thing is to have several sciences and professions mixed together, and complementing each other, in one week. Horizontal Leadership and the teachings of the human being and health fit together well.

Out of the personal relations built during those weeks I was asked to help one of the schools in their organisation development. And a company working with sense perception in an innovative manner asked me to support them with horizontal leadership tools and processes.




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