In May we started the second IMO China Masterclass in Beijing with 23 participants. The local team did great work with the enrolment and worked together smoothly during class. A new concept was introduced. Next to content and exercises we introduced Quick Solution Tools. These can be directly used by participants in their workplace. A group of assistants will support the participants in between the six modules.

During this time the content of the modules will be reviewed and the participants will be encouraged to practice what we call the six exercises: 1) focus and attention, train your concentration skill, 2) do what you say, train your will, 3) mindful expression of feelings, train a balanced feeling life, 4) observe what is, the good and the bad, then decide for the positive, 5) be always open and interested to learn new things, 6) combine all five and create a harmonious soul life for building high performance teams. The second module will take place in August 2019. 

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