On the seventh of March 2019 we officially initiated the IMO China Team. The team has eight members. Alexander Schwedeler is the Team Leader.

After a year starting up IMO activities in China and forming the IMO China Team, we experienced the great moment of founding IMO China as part of the IMO International Community.

Not only could we finish the first IMO Masterclass for Horizontal Leadership with 35 participants with very inspiring personal presentations of the participants. We also could see the first IMO client organizations starting up development activities. And for the coming year three masterclasses, one in Beijing, one in Shenzhen and one in Chengdu, are being planned and programmed.
In our IMO China Team meeting, where we committed ourselves to further develop the IMO impulse in China, we could start by saying together the IMO China verse we created last year in Chinese language.

We are one
but all so different.

I call your name
and you appear.

Together we do the good
and develop ourselves
into a conscious soul.

We explored together in our Team meeting the following questions and shared our experiences, views and intentions:

  1. What was in the past year for me a highpoint in which I strongly experienced IMO China? We shared and documented these highpoints.
  2. We formed a closed circle looking inwards: We are the IMO China Team. We formed an open circle looking outwards: We develop with our clients; we invite participants to our masterclasses and we welcome new IMO China Members. We made a moving lemniscate: our process rhythm of being outside with the client process and being inside in our IMO China Team process.
  3. What is for me a goal that I would like to realize for IMO China? We shared and documented these goals.
  4. Do I feel ready to be an IMO colleague and carry this impulse, also realizing my own impulse? All 8 IMO colleagues expressed their strong commitment for IMO’s future after being part of this team in the past year.
  5. We celebrated the IMO China Team and took pictures of the team.

We formulated a draft official announcement of IMO China being founded:

On the 7th of March 2019 we have founded IMO China. IMO introduces in China an universal methodology practiced in 9 countries around the world, connecting this with Chinese philosophical tradition as well as with Chinese organisation and leadership practices. This opens up new possibilities in China for developing organisations and human beings being faced with the challenges of this time-spirit. A community of IMO professionals support organisations and its people in finding new answers to existing issues we are confronted with today. Through masterclasses in leadership, organization development consultancy and individual and group coaching we support IMO clients in finding the good next step in their development.
All colleagues signed this statement as a sign of their commitment to build up IMO China together.

The coming year IMO China will further build up client work and masterclasses. In regular team meetings the IMO China team will monitor the progress and design the next steps. Alexander, as team leader of IMO China, will participate in the IMO International Board meetings.
In February/March 2020 there is planned an intensive programme for all IMO colleagues in China deepening the basics of our methodology and image of man, as well as on how IMO supports client processes of change and development. In three years time we expect IMO China to be grounded and a flourishing part of the IMO Institute bringing the IMO impulse to China.

Adriaan Bekman, Alexander Schwedeler

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