Photo: Ronen, two teachers and Adriaan

IMO Israel has rooted in the Israelian society. Our four colleagues Einat, Irit, Nitzan and Ronen and Daphne in the background are working as a team with client questions, master class leadership, workshops, IMO methodology. In the educational field, Waldorf movement, high tech companies, universities step by step there is created a rising interest in the IMO approach.

During the five days visit, arriving on Sunday and leaving early Friday morning, we had again an exciting program.

We did a half-day workshop with 13 participants on autonomy and responsibility. We introduced two exercises: one on working with goals and indicators and the other exercise on taking initiatives. These are two of six key leadership tools for leaders on all levels of the organisation. Again the surprising effect for the participants was observed: “how quick you get to a deep level of dialogue and understanding, finding a next step to do on your steering question”.

Photo: Adriaan introducing the theme

We worked in the 3rd session with the collegium of the primary school of the biggest Israel Waldorf School “Zomer” located in Ramat-Gan, 35 people, as part of an 8-session 4 hours program. The theme of this workshop was on observing based on the Goetheanistic methodology. How to observe the child was explored and next steps pictured that teachers can do in observing in a dialogical way the children they are working with.

Photo:  Schoolteachers in process

Ronen and Adriaan visited 2 Bedouin schools in the south of Israel: a fascinating meeting with school leaders and teachers in “unknown desert area”. The people we met participate in a program that Ronen and Irit do at the ONO College on Leadership. The two schools, in the desert, full of children and life, looked very well organized.

Young women teachers and school managers try to create a learning community in their area, connected to the traditional living tribes and connected to modern technology and new insights on pedagogy. How to involve the parents in a more active way was one of the questions, how to find good new teachers another.

Photo: A Parent, a Teacher and Ronen

The women teachers we met did not want to be on the photo, we were not allowed to photograph the children in the school as this might upset the parents. It is a matter of principle.

We had an inspiring collegial meeting sharing the developments of IMO Israel and looking forward to next steps. One important initiative is the creation of the second leadership master. In a half year program in the first half of 2019 there will be 12 days exploring the IMO leadership methodology. We presented to some of the potential participants the basics of the master class.

Living in Ronen’s family and house during the stay, meeting the family members and Ronen’s parents, always gives the feeling to be a part of this family.

Adriaan Bekman

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