Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take part in the closing session of the PGLEi program organized and conducted by three persons of Grupo Sleutjes: Daine, Rachel and Alfonso, with in the background the support of Marcelo Balazina. There were 36 persons of 9 organizations in the Program and in this final session each of the organizations presented the result of their change process.

It was very touching to see the enthusiasm of the participants and to hear what changes the process brought to the company and also what it meant to the people involved. On the wall there was a flip with the expression: “Results are not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to results”

It is certainly one of the central challenges of horizontal leadership: create an environment and processes where co-workers can connect themselves fully and make their best contribution to the value creation for the client and the organization. In order to support this, our colleague Marcelo Balazina developed some years ago a special program: PGLEi = A program that develops and integrates Management, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. The steering principle is that each co-worker is a leader in his own field and that he/she, together with his/her colleagues, is totally able to take full responsibility for the work he is doing and the results he generates, provided that his leader creates the conditions and delegates fully.

This happens when autonomous teams are formed, who have a common goal, targets to reach, clear work-processes, indicators, a set of self-management tools and a rhythm of short meetings to check indicators and create improvements in the processes. In other words, the task of planning, controlling and improving routines is totally in the hands of the team, so that the manager is free to dedicate himself to other priorities.

This means a radical change in the organization, which requires a process. Marcelo has supported various organizations taking part in the PGLEi program, where each of them put into practice after each module what has been worked on. In this way a step by step change process is happening.

A big discovery has been the importance of clients learning from each other.

The first experience was the impact of interested clients visiting organizations where the autonomous teams had started already some years before: Hospital Sta Filomena, Terra Viva, Sítio Barreiras, Beach Park. It was only by seeing and hearing the concrete experience (advances, but also failures) of these companies that the client got convinced and decided to start the change in their own organization.

A second discovery was the impact of several organizations following the program together and learning from one another, their successes and failures. In the PGLEi I participated, people of 9 organizations shared their experiences, were inspired and helped in the difficulties of the process they were having.

Daine and Rachel are in the Master Class Horizontal Leadership. They show how horizontal leadership can become visible when people change, working autonomously in a team, with direct responsibility for their processes and results, seeing the sense of what they are doing in relation to the client. They show how taking care of human values and reaching high standards of efficiency and results can come together in the same change process.


Holambra, 14th December 2018

Hermanus J. Meijerink

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