IMO Israel full of new impulses

The start of a project to explore images of the future of Waldorf schools and Waldorf Movement in Israel has started. Six issues are going to be explored in six processes and for each process three process owners have been invited by the Steering trio to take the lead. They will dialogue with many different people in the field on these six issues. They are issues like the Waldorf impulse in Israel, Leadership, Training, Wider Communities, Organization and Finances, The Waldorf  Forum. In November, February and May the Steering group and Process owners will meet to share the progress, experiences and results. In May all those that participated will be invited to a meeting where we all share results and new insights. This process should give new impulses and insights what might be essential in the next ten years to concentrate on.


There was the start of a new Program for School Managers. In four meetings we explore: the role of the Manager in Waldorf schools, Educating the Educators, Teamwork and Co-operation, Community Building.

We met HR Managers of different companies that have an interest in our methodology.  They were invited by our IMO colleague Nitzan. We shared with them new opportunities for horizontal organizing and horizontal leadership. We expect that there will be follow up sessions in the different participating companies.

We shared views on making IMO visible in the Israel Society. Over existing networks and using modern communication means we will systematically present IMO. In small workshops we give interested people a chance to experience.

Our new colleague Irit started the introduction process for becoming an IMO colleague. Now we are with six people.

Visiting Jerusalem, the four parts of the city, being the Jewish, Arab, Christian and Armenic Part came alive in their differences. Golgotha and Gethsemane as key places in the Christian Tradition were visited.


In November Hans Ruijs and Jutta Hodapp will continue to support this exciting IMO development in Israel.

Adriaan Bekman

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