Dear Klaas

In our first dialogue on issues in society that we would like to understand a bit better your touch on a crucial question that is not easy to be answered. I can share my view on it that is of course still developing.

When I look at the phenomena I see first of all an escalation of violence in an area that has been under tension for decades. States like Irak, Syrie, Libanon, Libie, Egypt, Israel have been confronted with ongoing battles between communities of belief and of blood. This is a very dangerous combination, religion and blood. Communities that find their common ground in believe and blood tend to close of and inner violence arise to exclude all those that do not fit in this community common ground. These communities show some characteristic tendencies like a striving to go back to the past, keeping traditional relations between man and women very strict, strict rules for how to live, violence and misuse, strong rituals. Leaders are the religious leaders that give direction and promise the higher well being in eternal godly spheres when one follow the instructions given.

I see IS as an extreme expression of these tendencies. This is the eternal battle between the striving for personal freedom or the total submission to and the total integration in the closed community one is part of.
Bernard Lievegoed predicted this battle as it returns every 800 years. He told us that this battle will be expressed in the use of senseless violence and extreme cruelty.

Bernard Lievegoed described four different mystery streams in humanity and he called them streams from the north, south, east, west. They have been forming the human soul in its different dimensions. The north for instance he connected to developing courage, the east to developing wisdom, the south to developing form and the west to develop soul movement. Today however we live in the new mysteries and they express themselves in the social economic life we live today. Like Joseph Beuys said, “we find the new mysteries at the train station”. As the old mysteries divided humanity, the new mysteries bring humanity together. One can observe this today where religious and blood/earth tendencies divide the people but at the same time economic life brings them together. As there is a terrorist bomb exploding on the one corner of the street, a few streets further on people drink coffee and do shopping. That makes it frightening and close to our day to day life.

People at Train Station

I see this all as the battle between the striving of the human “I” to appear individually in the soul out of freedom and the forceful occupation of the soul by these cruel forces.

May be all of us are living today in this tension between going back to the roots of our natural community, excluding all what is not fitting there or going forward to an individual universal existence where we ourselves create new communities with those that we share an ideal with and want to realize that ideal in the practice. Each one of us has to find a good balance between the two tendencies. If we move to only one side we come very quickly to extreme standpoints and behavior.
This tension I see connected between the tension of satisfying your lust and desires and using others for that and the gaining of insight and knowledge in a creative dialogue sharing with others to enable us to do the good.
I see the human values of freedom, respect and love as the guiding stars to handle this tendency in the soul. We need each other for that to be able to live out of these values.

That is a daily challenge for instance in a society like the Netherlands that represents a world population that have to live and work together.

Adriaan Bekman

July 2016 (to be continued)

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