An intense week in Rome enabled us to make next steps in IMO Italy. Antonio, our new IMO colleague, had organized together with Erica a one-day conference on corruption – anti corruption. This is the theme Antonio decided to concentrate on in his professional IMO practice. 25 Participants experienced a very lively day in which we explored different ways of dealing with corruption in companies.

The participants were curious to find out what alternatives it would give except creating the formal procedures and writing the company documents about this, as they are the persons that have an in-company responsibility to fight corruption. The key answer Antonio developed was to create circles of integrity in the company that deal with the moral issues we face in the work processes and to strengthen the personal leadership of all to deal with the challenges they face in dealing with this theme of corruption.

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After the meeting Antonio interviewed two participants. He received the next day a series of emails in which participants expressed their gratitude for receiving these alternative ways of working they could start to do and some expressed their intention to do so immediately in their company. They certainly will need some help of Antonio.

We had on Wednesday/Thursday an inspiring two-day workshop as a follow up of the two-year master program we were running the last two years. 12 participants explored their questions on horizontal leadership and the IMO methodology. Erica summarized the core contents of the methodology and we reflected on that. We worked through practical cases of participants and explored two new exercises: one on sense making and one on decision-making. This gave them new opportunities for their consultancy practice.

Then finally we met on Friday as IMO Italy group and dialogued on issues like developing client work, the new master class, the IMO – Else network, research activities and groups, in company key qualities of leadership, the procedure for integrating new colleagues. There are now 8 colleagues together in this IMO Italy team.

We look forward to next steps they are going to make in the Italian society.

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