From 8-10 January 2018 the first Module of the first IMO Masterclass for Horizontal Leadership in China took place. 30 people from various backgrounds and sectors met in a Hotel north of Beijing. On day one we discussed the seven levels of any organisation and learned about a new way to look at the human being in a threefold way. Small group work was done with the question: what is my current professional challenge. The four core leadership qualities were introduced. On day two we intensified exercises with more personal leadership questions and how to effect changes in the organization. We discussed how we can develop from being an expert in a certain field, like finance or marketing, to becoming a leader with integrating skills. The evening was heartwarming with stories told by the participants about their lives. On day three we worked on our next step.

It was a very nice group and a warm and joyful atmosphere. A great thank you to the organizers and the translator for making this first module possible.

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