End of May I had the opportunity to take part in the 2015 Kolisko Conference Malaysia (http://ahcm.org.my/index.php) with the theme to Achieve Individual Health and Community Well-being. During this three days conference, 940 participants took part, many of them from China. It was amazing! The atmosphere was full of enthusiasm.

In my workshop with 85 participants we discussed the themes: "The three qualities of money", "How to improve business performance and individual health", and "How to apply IMO concepts and tools in business and institutions". We did some of the IMO excercises.

During the conference an opportunity opened up to maybe start IMO Asia, or China, during the next years. In the week following this conference I took part in the 2015 International Postgraduate Medical Training Malaysia (IPMT, 200 participants), organised by the Medical Section of the Goetheanum. In my workshop with 20 participants we discussed in more depth themes like “The seven IMO renewal processes”; “Dialog and biography”; “Twenty reasons why smart CEO’s fail”; “How we can improve communication and cooperation in teams”; and “How can we improve individual and business performance”. I was very much impressed and deeply touched by the great interest of the participants in all these and many other themes.

It seemed to me that we from the west are not so much there to bring more wisdom - this is what the east has lots of, probably much more than we have in the west - but that there is a longing for putting it all into a perspective of modern science and management practice.

Alexander Schwedeler, IMO


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