On the 6th of December, we celebrated the conclusion of the 10th Master Program Horizontal Leadership in Brazil with 22 participants. After the experience of eight intensive modules a community of friends had been formed, who supported one another in their professional quest for true leadership.

In the last module, the participants gave their witness of the significance of Horizontal Leadership they had experienced in their practical life. One participant said: “The essence is in the people: client, co-workers, me. As a leader, I support people in their development to be more autonomous in their profession.”

The result of this program was also made possible by the complementary contributions of many IMO colleagues: Tatiana Babanova from IMO-Russia, Hans Ruijs from IMO-Switzerland, Alexander Schwedeler from IMO-Germany, Adriaan Bekman from IMO-international and Hermanus Meijerink, Lafayette Duarte, Marcelo Balazina and Josefina Morandin from IMO-Brazil. This strengthened also the IMO community internationally.

We are already looking forward to 2018 to form a group for the 11th Master Program.

We hope that you may celebrate Christmas in its full significance and wish all the best for the new year.

Josefina Morandin, Marcelo Balazina, Hermanus Meijerink.

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